In our current state with COVID-19 running rampant and no end in sight, we want to offer up our prayers and thanks to all of our amazing caregivers who are selflessly putting themselves out there to take care of those who need care the most: the elderly, the sick and recovering, and so on. These same prayers go out to those being taken care of, not just through our caregivers, but throughout the world. Stay safe, please.

Welcome to Caregivers of South Carolina where our caregivers provide quality health care service. We provide services throughout Horry County, plus Georgetown, Marion, and Florence counties in South Carolina.

When the doctor says that you or your loved one doesn't need the services of a nurse, but does need assistance from a home health care provider, call Caregivers.

While our service for home health care providers is usually less costly than other home health services, our Caregivers are well-paid and therefore we attract the best individuals to help your loved ones.

When you or a loved one requires assistance in your home, let our family take care of yours! We also provide caregiving services in area hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Call us at 843-347-6440.

Caregivers of South Carolina