Our Rates

We are proud of our reasonable and affordable rates:

Four hours
$13.50 per hour
Three hours
$15.75 per hour
Two hours
$17.00 per hour
One hour
$22.00 per hour
Live-in (24 hrs)
$150.00 per day

  • Our four hour rate is the lowest of any professional service

  • Others charge $14 to $25 per hour for four hour shifts

  • Our live-in (24 hr) rate of $150 can save you 100% to 400% when you compare it to other services charging $300 - $600 per day.

  • We can provide a live-in (24 hr) rate for two people for $200 per day.

  • 82% of the money you pay goes directly to the "caregiver" - the person performing the work (based on 4 hour rate)

  • You pay the lowest rate but your caregiver is the highest paid of any service - you are getting the best at the lowest cost!

  • We offer a cleaning only rate of $20 per hour.

Caregivers of South Carolina