Caregivers of South Carolina can provide you or your loved ones with a variety of services for $15.50 per hour. Of that fee, $12.00 (77% of your money) goes to the person who will be providing the healthcare services. Compare that to other providers and you'll see why we attract the best caregivers in the area...that's OUR competitive advantage for you!

Caregivers of South Carolina can provide your loved ones with a caregiver to meet your specific needs and schedule. We have hourly rates, mornings, afternoons, or evening schedules. You can have a Caregiver live-in or stay overnight. We can also provide Caregivers on holidays, weekends -- for as short as one day or indefinitely.

Home Care Services

  • Professional personal care including bathing, dressing, etc.

  • Continence

  • Friendly companionship

  • Light housekeeping including cleaning, laundry, etc.

  • Meal preparation

  • Running errands including picking up groceries, prescriptions, etc.

  • Transportation including doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

  • Remind client to take medications

  • Maintaining contact, updating family members

  • Additional tasks you want done

The Advantages Of Our Service

  • We are family owned and operated
    1. We don't lock you into a contract
    2. We don't require up-front deposits
    3. We don't obligate you to stay with our service
  • Our low rates make staying at home an "affordable option."
    1. They charge up to 200% higher than our hourly rate.
    2. They charge up to 400% higher than our live-in (24 hr) rate.
  • Professional, caring service
    1. We have caregivers that have been with our service for over 15 years
    2. We can provide continuity of services
      • Family member gets the same caregiver all the time
      • We always have a back-up caregiver to handle any emergency
  • Our reputation says it best
    1. We receive referrals weekly from area hospitals
    2. We receive referrals from medical practices weekly
    3. We receive referrals from associations, non-profit agencies
    4. We receive referrals from area hospices
    5. We love it when our clients make referrals!
  • We are "pet friendly"
    1. Our caregivers love pets
    2. We treat your pets like family!

Caregivers of South Carolina

Caregivers of South Carolina

Caregivers of South Carolina