About Us

We are a locally owned company licensed in South Carolina to operate a home care registry. The founders have been in the business of "helping people" for the past 40 years.

Prior to becoming a "caregiver" an individual is carefully screened, including:

  • Security check with state police
  • Personal, in-depth interview
  • Business/work references
  • Personal references
  • Driving record (as needed)

Our caregivers range from their 20's to 70's, with 5 to 30 years experience. Many are CNAs, plus we have a few LPNs & RNs who lend a hand. We match their skills to your needs!

We offer a quality, compassionate, personalized service:

  • Unlike some, we offer 1, 2, and 3 hour rates
  • You can always reach us (7 days per week, 24 hrs per day)
  • We don't require any "up front deposits"
  • We treat all of our clients like "family"

We are proud of our reasonable and affordable rates:

Four hours
$15.50 per hour
Three hours
$17.25 per hour
Two hours
$19.00 per hour
One hour
$24.00 per hour
Live-in (24 hrs)
$175.00 per day

  • Our four hour rate is the lowest of any professional service

  • 77% of the money you pay goes directly to the "caregiver" - the person performing the work (based on the four hour rate)

  • Your money is being spent on the caregiver that is helping YOU!

Caregivers of South Carolina

Caregivers of South Carolina

Caregivers of South Carolina